Classification of musical instruments

Classification of musical instruments

Ah amazingly! With passage of time the band instruments are getting increasing fame and demand. So, if we look at the old classification of musical instruments and the new classification of musical instruments then we will find a very clear comparison. There is a tremendous increase in the number of musical instruments and tactics of using them. What so ever, let us see the basic classification of musical instruments?

Classification of musical instruments:

The classification of musical instruments has been done under two categories i.e. the major category and the sub categories. The major category of musical instruments is the:

Wind instruments:

The wind instruments as its name indicates function well on the basis of “vibrating air”. Its quality is dependent on the vibrating mass of the air. The sub categories of wind instruments include:

• Brass winds

• wood winds

• free reeds

Now, the various instruments about which you listen and you knows comes under any of the above categories. You may look which of the band instruments comes under which of the categories:

Brass winds – Trombone, Trumpet, and Tuba:

It is of the most common category of the musical instruments. The most major instruments that come under this category include Trombone, Trumpet and the Tuba. Such instruments of barss winds produce the sounds by the breathing power of the produces. The lips are placed on the tip of the instrument and the variety of sounds is produced by the changing frequency of the sound. It is a handy category of band instruments which are lighter in weights and are kept all the time in the pocket bag.

Wood winds – the saxophone, Clarinet, Oboes, Flutes:

Woodwind instruments are the second good category of wind instruments. The major musical instruments that comes under this category includes saxophone, Clarinet, Oboes, Flutes. Most probably such musical instruments are made up of the wood. Most of these musical instruments functions well by the working of the mouth. Such instruments are usually heavier in weight.view this page for more updates.

Free reeds – Accordions:

The functioning and the music playing of such instruments is dependent on the size of the reed. You can change the pitch and the voice of the sound by changing the sizing and positioning of the reeds. Accordions are the most common type of free reeds instruments.

musical instruments

The above are the some of the major classifications of musical instruments. These instruments are used for variety of purposes and at variety of occasions. There are many musical instruments which can be played in collaboration with anther musical instruments. And even, you can also play the musical instrument of one category with the collaboration of the other category of instruments as well.see latest information at

“Wind instruments” are getting very above fame because of their simpler use. All of these instruments work on the mass of the air. You can add and subtract the pitch of voice and sound by changing the mass of the air. What so ever, these are the band instruments which is majorly categorized under the classification of musical instruments.

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